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Academy Kids Results



George Gibson

Won UTR in Chateau



Abby Galloway

Won UTR in Houma



Mariella Congeni

Winner of The Girls 18 Singles, Level 5 Nationals

Bocage Baton Rouge, October 14-16, 2022


Vatalii Brither

Ace and Aces, Winnder And Runner Up, Oct 9, 2022


Garik Vardanyan

Won Ace and Aces Level 6, Oct 9, 2022


Ilesha Hinkle

Win Chateau UTR In Her Division, Sept 2022


Camille Loria

Win Doubles Title In Jackson Ms., Under 12, National Level 5


Camille Loria

National Level 5, Girls Under 12 Singles Winner

Jackson, MS, Sept 23-25


George Gibson

Winner Of May UTR Division 1 at Chateau Country Club


Mariella Congeni (left)

Runner Up Girls Under 18 Singles Louisiana State Closed


Isabella Sambola & Mariella Congeni

Runner Up Girls Under 18 Doubles State Closed


Isabella Sambola

Winner Of Girls Under 18 Singles Louisiana State Closed


Virginia Crocker 

Girls Under 16 Singles State Closed Winner


Caedan Bayles

Runner Up Regionals Doubles & Semis State Doubles


Mary Ellen Longmire

Regional Singles Winner


Alistair Deng Winner Regionals

Isiah Porea Runner-up Regionals


Brody Doan Regionals Semis

Seth Danz Regionals Semis


Mariella Congeni

State Finalist Doubles


Micah Pierce State Singles Winner

Mary Ellen Semi Finalist



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